Long Island Professional Artists

7 & 7 Painters & Sculptors
A hand picked group of extraordinarily gifted artists (Seven Painters and Seven Sculptors) who come together to create an exhibit of great merit. The showcase format gives each artist the opportunity to show the full breadth of their abilities, styles and inspirations. Each member presents seven to ten (size dependent) pieces. The beautiful mix of paintings and sculpture creates an overall rich and captivating experience for the viewing public.

Each of the 14 professional artists have won numerous awards and been widely shown at exhibitions, galleries and public spaces in the New York metropolitan region and beyond. Only their best work in varied mediums, styles and subject matter will be displayed. The group exhibits representational works, however with a nod towards modern trends, there can be abstract wood, welded steel and stone pieces included. They are always very well received and add a little bit of the unexpected.

The “Seven & Seven” shows are wildly popular and extremely well attended. This group has created much anticipated exhibits at prestigious galleries across Long Island.
Leslie Barnett
A classically trained artist inspired by the color and light of Long Island. Known for luminous plein air landscapes in oil, pastel and watercolor.
Arthur Bernstein

Abstract sculptures in walnut and cherry are graceful and sensual. Figurative pieces are executed in both clay and resin. Recently received award for best sculpture at the Salmagundi Club.


Nanette Fluhr
Brilliant portraits that capture both emotions and expressions, as well as, a compelling likeness have earned Nanette Fluhr notable recognition. See more beautiful examples of her work at www.NanetteFluhr.com
Daniel Brown

Remembering the late Daniel Brown Commissioned piece on display in the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum. Was honored with over 50 Awards of Excellence! The creation of Seven & Seven was one of his favorite career highlights. “The group far exceeded his expectations”. Pieces of his work, generously on loan, for your viewing pleasure.

Liz Jorg Masi
Parsons School of Design graduate and formerly a top fashion design artist. Awarded over 20 Best In Show, 50 Awards of Excellence, 25 First Place in Oil, Pastel and Watercolor.
Kenneth Strier
A Physicist and Computer Technologist. Ken started sculpting in stone after retirement and soon after moved on to clay and steel. He has won many prizes for his work. “The joy of sculpting comes from the process of taking something hard and inanimate and creating movement and breathing life into it.
Donna Harlow Moraff
Use of color and love of portraiture, seascapes, landscapes, flowers and animals is evident in her award-winning paintings. Passionate painter and popular instructor in Pastel and Watercolor.

Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America.
Shawn McAvoy
Specializes in wildlife sculpture and the realistic approach that he reflects in his sculptures is a testament to his respect for the natural world.
Hap Bowditch

Shelter Island, New York native Hap is self taught in his craft of metal sculpting. A mechanic turned welder. Little did he know then, this skill would become his art. His sculptures are in many private collections, particularly on the east end of Long Island. His work can be viewed in a number of galleries, including his own. He is a featured artist at the Williamsburg Art gallery

Howard Rose
Primarily a landscape painter. Nature will give you a painting in every 5 degree turn. My goal as an artist is to have the ability to see it and to capture the beauty. www.howardrose.com
Angela Stratton
Her appreciation and passion for art started with employment at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While there, she developed a strong appreciation for the techniques of the Old Masters, being inspired by Rembrandt and Sargent. She now loves dedicating everyday to the art of creating.
Ilene Palant
An award-winning graphic designer, artist and art educator who moved from an exploration of printmaking to photography and sculpture. Always fascinated by the textures and flows of nature, she takes what some would think of as unyielding stone and turns it into forms that beckon to be touched and stroke.
Marie Sheehy Walker

A Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, listed in Who's Who in American Art, is known for her rich use of color. View her work at www.MarieSheehyWalker.com

Alice Riordan
Alice Riordan-Classically trained sculptor, recipient. of numerous awards for her fluid, graceful figure studies and busts.